Tal-Ya Trays (Weed Mats) Conserve Precious Soil Moisture

Tal-Ya Trays on lemon trees

Tal-Ya Trays conserving soil moisture and blocking weeds in a lemon orchard, Porterville, CA

For information & pricing on Tal-Ya Trays, contact Chris Siems, cell (507) 301-5106, or email chris@wilsonirr.com.

Tal-Ya Trays are a revolution in water savings and weed control.  Developed in Israel, where water is expensive and limited, Tal-Ya Trays…

  • Kill weeds
  • Capture and funnel rain and irrigation water to the plant
  • Reflect light back up to the plant
  • Prevent soil moisture from evaporating

Here’s how they work:

Tal-Ya Weed Mats Brochure

Tal-Ya User Manual

Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply is the exclusive distributor of Tal-Ya Weed Mats to the orchard and vineyard industry in California, Oregon and Washington.  We can also handle orders from across the country.

Tal-Ya Weed Mats last for 10 years, so they can be used again and again.  They are commonly used with grapes, blueberries, stone fruit, pomme fruit, nut trees and citrus trees.  Growers and researchers report water savings of 50% or more, dramatic savings on weed control, and faster growth/earlier maturity of crops.

Tal-Ya Weed Mats in use in a table grape vineyard

Tal-Ya Weed Mats on table grapes.

Tal-Ya Weed Mats

Tal-Ya Weed Mats on citrus trees.

Tal-Ya Weed Mats

Tal-Ya Weed Mats capture rain and irrigation water, funnel it to the tree, and prevent soil moisture from evaporating.