Orchard Shade Systems

Orchard Shade Systems – Wilson Spread & Thread Orchard Shade Cloth

Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply is the leader in innovative shade cloth systems for orchards.

Wilson’s Orchard Shade Cloth Systems:

  • Minimize heat & sun damage to fruit
  • Reduce the percentage of culls
  • Increase the overall color and quality of your fruit crop
  • Reduce the need for overhead sprinkler cooling – less water use, and less discoloration of the fruit due to mineral content in the water

Just like our “Spread & Thread” Orchard Bird Netting, Wilson Orchard Shade installs quickly – just insert your wire through the pre-threaded tubes, and spread the netting like a curtain over your trees.

The panels can be easily retracted for harvest and to protect them from the sun, and quickly deployed next season.

We can manufacture any shade percentage or color that you need, to meet your exact dimensions… all for less than you think!

And of course Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply is the expert in designing structures for both optimizing fruit production and supporting our shade systems.

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