Orchard Bird Netting

Spread & Thread™ Orchard Bird Netting

After watching our growers struggle to install bird netting over their orchards, Wilson staff developed an innovative system that slashes installation time and makes maintenance easy. Better yet, once installed our Orchard Netting lasts for years, and is quickly spread in subsequent seasons saving hundreds of hours in labor over the life of the net.

Our orchard bird netting forms a continuous overhead ceiling of protection over your trees. The panels then are easily gathered between seasons, and quickly deployed again when needed.

Instead of clipping or “hog ringing” netting to overhead wires, we insert plastic tubes into the netting edges so that all you have to do is thread wires through the tubes and the netting is continuously threaded on the wire!


  • Black
  • UV stabilized for long life – 5 to 7 seasons more more!
  • 27 grams per square meter
  • ¾” mesh size
  • Standard sizes: 20ft x 750ft, 30ft x 750ft and 40ft x 750ft
  • Custom widths and lengths available for large pre-season orders

Please contact us for pricing and shipping information on our Spread & Thread Orchard Bird Netting