Grow Tubes for Planting Pistachios and Other Tree Crops

Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply is the industry leader
in grow tubes for pistachios and other tree crops.

  • For 15 years we have tried all of the grow tubes on the market, and have selected the best
  • Now we sell more of them than anyone, which gives us buying power we can pass on to you

Wilson’s Grow Tubes increase your profits and reduce your operating costs several ways…

  • Accelerate the growth of newly planted rootstocks, both tissue culture and rooted cuttings – you’ll be able to field bud your trees sooner
  • Dramatically increase survival rate of new plantings – reducing the number of costly and labor-intensive replants
  • Make weed control fast and easy – by shielding new vines from RoundUp and/or mechanical cultivators – growers tell us that without our grow tubes some grass species have taken over their plantings since there’s no way to spray them without damaging the trees

Wilson’s Grow Tubes pay for themselves the first time you use them, but can be used again & again.
They are UV stabilized for at least three uses, but most of our customers use them more than that.

Grow Tube Brochure, click here.

click here to order grow tubes now buttonWe ship any quantity of grow tubes, from 10 to 100,000. For a price quote, please contact us with your quantity and zip code.