Bird Netting for Blueberries

More and more growers are finding that bird netting is the only reliable way to protect blueberries from birds. Wilson Blueberry Netting is NOT the stiff, springy netting you get at the local hardware store.  It is commercial grade knitted netting that is specifically designed for fruit growers – the same netting our farmers in WA, OR and CA use on a large scale… now available in sizes convenient for the hobbyist grower.

Compared to the “hardware store” plastic netting this netting is:

  • Made from a much softer, more pliable plastic resin
  • Knitted for strength, and to prevent rips from spreading
  • Durable – will last for up to 7 to 10 years when stored properly between seasons
Wilson Blueberry Netting

Wilson Blueberry Netting is black, 3/4″ mesh knitted netting. It resists ripping, but is extremely soft and pliable. Click to enlarge and view texture.

“Just wanted to let you know that we LOVE the new net! So much easier to work with than that plastic junk we’ve been using. Very Happy!!!”  ~Backyard blueberry grower, MA


Wilson Blueberry Netting can be installed in two ways.  The fastest and easiest is to simply drape it over your bushes.  This works well if you have a small number of blueberry bushes and if you will only be removing the netting once or twice for picking.  (Repeated removal of netting draped over the bushes can shake berries off.)

The preferred method is to make a simple structure of PVC pipe or other material, so that the netting can be suspended above the bushes, forming an enclosure you can enter and exit to harvest berries as needed.


Now Wilson Blueberry Netting is easier to use than ever!  Wilson has introduced several pre-cut sizes that are ideal for the hobbyist blueberry grower.  These ready-to-use nets are twice as strong as other pre-cut knitted netting on the market, yet are comparably priced.

UPDATE – Blueberry Bird Netting is back in stock for 2016 – and prices are even lower!!  ORDER EARLY to ensure availability.  This is heavy grade net that will last for 7 to 10 seasons with proper care.  Choose from these sizes:

35ft x 50ft (3/4in mesh)- $62.75 plus shipping

50ft x 50ft (3/4in mesh) – $74.95 plus shipping 

50ft x 100ft (3/4in mesh) – $144.95 plus shipping 

To order pre-cut Wilson Blueberry Netting online, click here.

CUT-TO-LENGTH NETTING ALSO AVAILABLE! If one of the pre-cut sizes listed above doesn’t work for you, we also offer cut-to-length netting in a range of widths, grades and colors:

17ft Medium (3-5 year life) Green (3/4in mesh) – $0.29/ft plus shipping

17ft Heavy (7-10 year life) Green (3/4in mesh) – $0.49/ft plus shipping

28ft Medium (3 to 5 year life) White (3/4in mesh) – $0.47/ft plus shipping

To order pre-cut netting or cut-to-length netting by phone or email, click here to contact Chris Siems.