Tal-Ya Trays reducing irrigation needs in California lemon orchard

A California lemon orchard is putting Tal-Ya Trays (weed mats) to the test in the face of extreme drought conditions and severely reduced irrigation allocations.

Tal-Ya Trays on lemon trees

Tal-Ya Trays conserving soil moisture and blocking weeds in a California lemon orchard (click to enlarge).

The results to date?  Excellent.  The field foreman has seen a significant reduction in irrigation requirements, and is very pleased with the growth and health of the trees.

The grower is also using Tal-Ya Trays on replant trees within existing orchards, to simplify weed control, conserve water and accelerate growth so replacement trees quickly catch up and get into production.

Tal-Ya Trays

Tal-Ya Trays help replant trees catch up and get into production sooner, with less water and less labor (click to enlarge)

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