Wilson Vineyard Netting = Record Crop

Last week we exhibited at the Sustainable Ag Expo in San Luis Obispo, CA.  We shared our booth with John Hubbard of MeasureTek, a really top-notch frost, irrigation and leaf wetness monitoring system.  Watch for more info about MeasureTek soon!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit at the trade show.  One visitor was a grape grower in Atascadero, CA who bought some vineyard bird netting from me for the 2013 harvest season.  This was his first year farming a new property.  The previous owner had used bird netting sporadically, but claimed not to have significant bird problems.  My customer chose instead to net the entire vineyard, except one small section he didn’t have enough netting to cover.  He told me two things:

1) This year’s crop exceeded the largest crop harvested by the previous owner

2) The small section of vineyard that he didn’t have enough netting to cover was completely stripped bare by birds

This illustrates something I have always said about bird netting.  Most vineyard owners, when asked to estimate their crop loss to birds, say 5 to 10%.  Invariably, however, their first crop under bird netting is the largest they have ever had… meaning, of course, that their crop loss was much bigger than they ever realized.

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