Grow tubes for almond trees – update

The trend for nut and fruit tree crops is to plant small, potted stock with grow tubes as compared to the old method of larger bare root stock.  This reduces planting costs, eliminates transplant shock, and accelerates the time table to first harvest.

We’ve been following an almond block that was planted in January with small potted grafted trees.  Here’s how the trees looked on February 4, 2013:

Almond tree in grow tube

Grafted almond tree in Wilson grow tube. Planted January, 2013. Photo taken February 4, 2013

And here are two photos taken on March 19:

grow tubes on almonds

Grow tubes on almond trees – vigorous, fast-growing leaves virtually glow as the tree reaches for the top of the grow tube.

grow tubes on almonds

By March 19 most of the almond trees had emerged from the grow tubes.

And here’s how the block looked yesterday, May 1:

Almond trees in grow tubes

These almond trees are now well clear of the tubes and growing at a very rapid pace.

By the end of the season these trees will be bigger and healthier than the larger (and MUCH more expensive) bare root trees that have traditional been planted in the past.




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