More mountains of grow tubes popping up… Place orders for summer & fall planting now!

Truckloads of grow tubes for new pistachio plantings continue to roll in to California and Arizona – 4 full loads in a 14 day span!

Grow tubes in Tulare CA

Grow tubes stacked, counted and ready to protect pistachios in Tulare, CA

Grow tubes for pistachios

Grow tubes arrive as the block is being laid out and irrigation lines installed, Corcoran, CA

I try to be on hand every time a truck rolls in, to help unload and verify the count – and to put on my truck driver cap and shuttle grow tubes to other customers.  With the crazy volumes of this spring that has been challenging – both logistically and for my aging back!  But a sore back is a small price to pay for happy customers and – more importantly – happy trees!

For the past several months I have always tried to have one truckload on order for inventory to handle last minute orders.  And every time I order a truckload for inventory it gets purchased before it’s even made!

The good news is that starting in a couple of weeks I will finally have some inventory on hand here in California to handle just-in-time orders, so please contact me (Chris Siems) for pricing and availability.

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