Grow tubes everywhere I look

I has been really gratifying to see grow tubes become “standard operating procedure” for new pistachio plantings – and to see this trend continuing in almonds, pecans and walnuts.

The obviously superior results of grow tubes over paper cartons, and the huge costs savings & better performance of smaller potted planting stock in grow tubes as compared to large bare-root stock with paper spray guards, have combined to make grow tubes the accepted standard practice (and Wilson’s superior quality and low prices have made ours the grow tube of choice!).

Every time I head out to visit customers or help unload an inbound load of new grow tubes I come across a pistachio block planting in the last year or two with Wilson Grow Tubes.

Wilson Grow Tubes

Pistachio block planted last summer in Corcoran, CA with Wilson Grow Tubes.

I happened upon this planting which went in last summer when driving to unload another inbound truckload of tubes.  I remember unloading these tubes in the scalding heat last year.  Great to see them out in the field and getting another pistachio block off to a fast start!

On the way home I stopped by to see the almonds I mentioned last month that were planted as very small potted grafted trees near Kettleman City, CA… wow!  They are growing like mad!

Grow tubes on almonds

These almond trees have gone from this…

grow tubes on almonds

… to this…

grow tubes on almonds

… and then to this… in a heart beat!  And the real growing season hasn’t even started yet.

Stay tuned I’ll keep you posted on these almonds.



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