Mountains of grow tubes popping up all over California

When you think San Joaquin Valley you think flat.  But recently small mountains – of grow tubes soon to be used on pistachio rootstocks – have been popping up and adding relief to the valley floor in Kerman, Terra Bella, Ducor, Bakersfield, Lost Hills, McFarland, Tulare, Visalia, Buttonwillow… and that’s just in the last few weeks!

Grow tubes for pistachios

Small mountain of Wilson Grow Tubes near Buttonwillow, CA – soon to be used on pistachio rootstocks (click to enlarge).

Wilson Grow Tubes for Pistachio Rootstocks

A crew (a very hard working & FAST crew!) unloads a truckload of Wilson Grow Tubes near McFarland, CA. Piles are numbered to ensure accurate count.

And when the weekly truck shows up with grow tubes you’ll find me there, guiding the trucker to the right locations and helping to unload and count the tubes.  This spring has completely blown the doors off the grow tube factory – in a good way!

If it seems that just about every new pistachio planting is now going in with Wilson Grow Tubes as compared to the old paper tree guards… that’s because almost every new pistachio being planted is getting a Wilson grow tube!


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