Another field of pistachios off to a great start

Nothing makes me happier than driving along the back roads of California’s Central Valley and spotting a field of newly planted pistachios with Wilson Grow Tubes protecting them… and not being completely sure whose field it is or how the grow tubes got there!

This field is on Hwy 65 near Terra Bella, CA.

Pistachio trees in grow tubes

First season pisachios in Wilson Grow Tubes - already successfully field budded.

grow tubes protecting new pistacho trees

Once again you see the incredible consistency of growth you get with Wilson Grow Tubes.

There was a time when I knew where every grow tube I sold was going.  The volume has gotten so large and the number of shipments is so great that I’m often a step removed from the logistics with my outstanding staff at Wilson handling the details… but that doesn’t mean there’s another link in the supply chain; there’s not.  Buying your grow tubes from Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply means you’re buying direct at the lowest prices available.

It also doesn’t mean that I’m always a step removed from the logistical side; often as not when a truckload of grow tubes arrives in the Central Valley I’m there to help unload!

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