Pistachio in grow tubes – another quick update

Wow.  Since doing a blog post about a huge pistachio block south of Fresno on June 8 (see previous post) I have visited the site twice while in that area on sales calls.

Remember, these rootstocks were planted as tiny 3″ tissue culture plugs back in late March, and were immediately protected with 24″ grow tubes from Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply.  It took a while for the temperature to get warm enough for them to really get started growing, but once they did… again, wow!

Here’s how things looked back on July 11:

Grow tubes on pistachio rootstocks

Wilson Grow Tubes on pistachio rootstocks south of Fresno CA. Planted March 22, photo July 11. Amazing consistency of growth - like soldiers standing at attention! (Click on photo to enlarge)

And here’s how the block looked as of yesterday:

grow tubes on pistachio rootstocks

Photo taken July 30. Pistachio rootstocks planted March 22 as 3 inch plugs are now nearly 5 feet tall. (Click on photo to enlarge)

pistachio trees grown in grow tubes

Even more impressive is the outstanding caliper growth that has occurred since early July - these trees will be ready for field budding very soon, not just some of them but ALL of them in one pass through the field, thanks to the remarkable consistency of growth. (Click on photo to enlarge)

This would explain why I can’t keep enough grow tubes in stock, no matter how many I make.  That and the fact that I save growers a whole lot of money on price!

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