Does you bird netting look like this? If not, don’t buy it!!

Wilson OVS Grape Netting

Wilson bird netting protected from the sun - if your netting supplier doesn't care enough to shield his netting from the sun, don't buy it from him!

There are two notable things about this otherwise non-descript photograph, and both of them could save you A LOT of money:

1) This is all of the vineyard netting I have left to sell this season – this is what’s left of a pile of netting that was WAY bigger earlier this summer.  Selling top quality vineyard bird netting at the lowest prices around has a way of turning big piles of inventory into small piles of inventory very quickly.

2) This photo is notable for what you don’t see: the netting.  I always keep our bird netting covered and protected from the sun’s UV rays.

Think about it:  This type of netting is meant to be used for 4 to 6 weeks per year for 3-5 years.  If your netting supplier stores his netting in the blazing sun, the UV degradation process has already started before you even buy the netting.

If you’re buying netting from someone else you’re already paying too much, but even worse you’re paying full price for netting that has already started to break down.

Covering bird netting inventory isn’t expensive or difficult, but it is a kind of litmus test of how much your supplier cares about the quality of the net you buy, how many years that netting will last you, and therefore how much you end up paying per year of use.

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