Unhappy Pistachio root stocks… until tomorrow!

pistachio root stocks in grow tubes near lost hills ca

Newly planted field of pistachio root stocks waiting for grow tubes - EAGERLY awaiting grow tubes! (Click to enlarge)

This a huge new block of pistachio root stocks near Lost Hills, CA.  The tiny trees in this section were planted the day before I drove by.  It’s only May but the temp was already well into the 90s and the wind was blowing.

As someone who knows how much Wilson Grow Tubes reduce the moisture stress on newly planted pistachios like these it’s almost painful to see a field of unprotected planting stock!

Thankfully – for the trees’ health and my own peace of mine – workers were going to be coming back through this field the following day and installing Wilson Grow Tubes.  Little trees that spent their first day in the ground stressed, wind blown and baking in the full sun would then find themselves in the moist, low-stress environment of a grow tube.

That sound you heard was a collective sigh of relief after the grow tubes were applied.  More photos in a few days when I’m back over that way.

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