OK that was fast!

I have been working with a large tree tube customer in Mexico who is using Wilson Grow Tubes on table grapes.  This photo was taken on April 24:

table grape vine in wilson grow tube

Wilson Grow Tubes on table grape vine - photo taken April 24, 2012

Well I got this photo yesterday.  The customer was asking if the vine looks OK.

table grape vines in wilson grow tubes

Table grapevine out the top of the grow tube, photo taken May 10, 2012

Vines way out the top of the tubes in just over 2 weeks?  Yes, I’d say they look more than OK… they look awesome!

Of course this kind of growth creates problems:  the customer had to scramble to get trellis supplies purchased and installed much faster than they originally planned.

Then again they will also be picking grapes much sooner than they planned.

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