More happy pistachio root stocks in Wilson Grow Tubes!

Well it’s getting harder and harder to drive around California without seeing a new planting of pistachio root stocks with Wilson Grow Tubes.  And since I can’t drive by one of “my” pistachio plantings without taking a few photos to track its progress, it’s taking me longer and longer to get to my sales calls!  But I never get tired of photographing new pistachio root stock plantings getting off to a great start!

This one is near Shafter, CA.  Click on the photos to enlarge.  Root stocks planted last month are already out the tops of the tubes!

grow tubes on newly planted pistachio root stocks

Another fast growing pistachio planting with Wilson Grow Tubes. This one is near Shafter, CA.

pistachio root stocks in wilson grow tubes

The same planting from another angle - all the hallmarks of successful establishment, easy weed control and maintenance, and accelerated time table to that all-important first commercial harvest.

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