Grow Tubes on Table Grapes – A Growing Trend!

Historically grow tubes have been used on wine grapes, and only very rarely on table grapes.  That is changing… fast!

Table grape growers are quickly realizing that grow tubes are not an expensive luxury item that makes sense only for higher value crops.  They are a cost-saving device that reduces labor costs and, more importantly, reduces the single largest cost all farmers face:  time.  As in the time from planting vines to picking that first big crop.

The latest in a long line of table grape growers who have adopted grow tubes and to take advantage of Wilson’s unbeatable pricing is in Mexico.  Think grow tubes don’t work in hot areas?  Check this out!

Table Grapevines in Grow Tubes

No, Wilson Grow Tubes are not being used on Mars... yet. These grow tubes are helping to get a table grape vineyard off to a fast start in Mexico.

Table Grape Vines in Wilson Grow Tubes

Wilson Grow Tube benefit #237: Shielding newly planted table grape vines from blowing sand. And helping to tell time be the angle of the shadows!

Table Grape Vines in Grow Tubes

I can see why the customer was in such a hurry to receive these grow tubes! Yesterday this was one stressed out table grape vine. You can almost hear it sighing with relief after the grow tube was placed over it.

To learn more about using Wilson Grow Tubes on Table Grapes, contact Chris Siems today!


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