Multi-row Vineyard Bird Netting Machine

Netting machine for vineyard bird netting

Wilson's new hydraulic vineyard bird netting applicator makes it easy to cover 2, 3 or 4 trellis rows in a single pass - saving on both material and labor costs.

Yesterday was a busy day!  In addition to checking out new blocks of pistachios being planted with Wilson Grow Tubes we also field tested our new machine for installing multiple rows of Knitted Vineyard Bird Netting.

It might look a little funny applying netting over vines that have not yet leafed out (being very careful not to damage precious spurs!) but it was a great way to field test a new system that promises to revolutionize vineyard bird netting application in the USA.

Covering 2, 3 or 4 rows with a single pass is nothing new in Australia – it is standard operating procedure there.  Multi-row netting offers huge savings in both material (rather than using two 17ft wide single row nets two rows can be covered with a single 28ft net) and labor (cutting the number of tractor passes required to cover your field in half or by three-fourths).

Only knitted bird netting is capable of covering multiple rows, and only Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply has the system that makes it easy & economical!  For more info about our multi-row vineyard bird netting contact us today.

And as always we WELCOME custom netting orders – we can make netting in the width, mesh size and color to meet your exact needs!

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