Grow Tubes on Pistachio Root Stocks

It is amazing to me how fast a HUGE field goes from this…

grow tubes on pistachio root stocks

New pistachio orchard staked, irrigated and ready for planting (click to enlarge)

To this:

Grow tubes help pistachio root stocks grow

Wilson grow tubes on newly planted pistachio root stocks (click to enlarge)

A good crew (and this was a very good crew) can plant thousands of trees in a day, protecting them quickly with Wilson Grow Tubes.  Watch this space… you’ll see these trees – tiny tissue culture pistachio root stocks, about 3-4″ tall – emerging from these 24 inch grow tubes in a matter of weeks!

Grow tube demand this spring has far outstripped supply.  If you are planting pistachio trees (or a new vineyard) be sure to plan ahead and reserve your grow tubes well in advance.


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