Another block of pistachios in grow tubes

Yesterday I stopped by another new block of pistachio root stocks being planted with Wilson Grow Tubes to protect them.  The precision of these plantings never fails to amaze me.

Pistachio trees in grow tubes

Wilson grow tubes on newly planted pistachio root stocks

pistachio root stock protected by Wilson Grow Tube

Tiny tissue culture pistachio root stock in a Wilson Grow Tube. It will emerge from the 24 inch grow tube in 4-5 weeks at most!

Something else that never fails to amaze me is how tiny and fragile are the tissue culture root stocks pistachio growers can plant these days – just 3 inch plugs.  Can you imagine planting something this tiny and fragile in the unforgiving wind and heat of the San Joaquin Valley without grow tubes?  Wilson Grow Tubes make planting these tiny trees possible, with survival rates topping 99.7% and higher.

Now that Wilson Grow Tubes make planting stock of that size possible, the advantages are great:  The root system develops entirely on site rather than being transplanted at a later stage of development.

You will not believe how fast these trees will grow… until I show in in pictures in the coming weeks!

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