Unloading your Grow Tubes – just part of the service!

Many of our large California grape and pistachio growers order partial or even full truckloads of grow tubes.

Trucks have a habit of showing up at exactly the wrong time – in the middle of harvest, late in the afternoon (usually Friday afternoon).  It’s sort of Murphy’s Law of trucking.

I recently relocated to California to better serve Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply‘s growing California customer base.  One advantage of being here is that I can help my customers unload truckloads of grow tubes, bird netting, tie tape, etc.  So you can keep your workers busy in the field & shop doing what they need to do.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday.  A truckload of Wilson Grow Tubes to be delivered to two customers showed up on a Monday afternoon in the middle of harvest.  I met the driver and hopped up on the truck to unload the grow tubes, to speed things up and get his guys back to work doing more profitable things.  Man it gets hot inside a truck in the Central Valley!

I’m not in the business of selling bird netting or grow tubes.  I in the business of partnering with growers to make their operations more efficient and profitable.  The actual products are just part of that.  The service I provide is another part.

So for my big California customers expecting a truckload of product, don’t be surprised to see me show up to meet the truck – put my strong back and weak mind to work for you!

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