Field Budded Pistachios Looking Great!

Just stopped by a field where a customer had planted pistachio root stocks in Wilson Grow Tubes a few months ago, and then field budded them a couple weeks ago.

Recently field budded pistachio grown in Wilson Grow Tube

Field budded pistachio

Pistachio root stocks were grown (fast!) in Wilson Grow Tubes, and then were field budded a few weeks ago.

The trees are looking absolutely fantastic!  This system of planting clonal pistachio root stocks in the field with Wilson Grow Tubes, and then field budding them has several advantages:

1. Allows growers to plant smaller root stock plants – reducing planting stock cost, giving more flexibility as to planting time, and allow the trees to develop their roots in situ without further disturbance – while still achieving extremely high survival rates and rapid growth.

2. Provides built-in herbicide spray protection, facilitating weed control

3. Accelerates root stock growth, both in height and caliper, so root stocks can be field budded sooner.

This system of using Wilson Grow Tubes on pistachio root stocks has become standard operating procedure in the Central Valley.  For more information, contact Chris Siems today.


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