Bee & Hornet Netting For Vineyards

I am getting an increasing number of calls and emails asking about bee and hornet netting for vineyards. Vineyard managers are telling me that bees and/or hornets are devouring up to 75% of their crop – or more.

I don’t have a standard stock bee or hornet netting for vineyards… yet. But I do have some short term solutions if you’re in a pinch.

I have several vineyards “test driving” a purpose-made hornet netting for vineyards this harvest season.  Early reports are great.  For 2012 I will have netting in stock in the right dimensions for VSP trellis vineyards (and of course Wilson welcomes custom orders as well, given enough volume).

I do have some bee netting that can be shipped yet this season.  For more info, please call me at 507-301-5106 or email

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