Tree Tubes: Time Lapse Photo Contest

Now that spring has FINALLY sprung here in Minnesota I get to engage in my favorite tree tube related activity:  Photographing a tree growing in a Wilson Tree Tube once or twice per week all summer long, and assembling a time lapse sequence at the end.

Bur Oak in Wilson Tree Tube, planted autumn 2010, photo taken May 23, 2011

Here is one I’ll be following this year (click to enlarge).  I planted some bur oak seedlings (which I grew from acorns collected from three majestic bur oaks with 100 foot crown spreads growing on a local college campus) late last fall in a local nature center, and covered them with Tubex Combitube Tree Tubes.

With the slow, cold, wet spring things have been late to leaf out around here, but finally these little dudes are leafed out and ready to grow.  And man, will they grow!

This is a really fun thing to do.  You will be amazed at how fast your seedlings grow in their tree tubes.  Another fun thing to do is to mark the outside of the tube every week with indelible marker to track the growth.  When in warms up (if it ever warms up) you’ll be amazed by how far about those 1 week growth marks get.  Last year I had black walnuts and hackberries growing more than an inch a day!!

At the end of the growing season, send me your best time lapse sequence.  Any one who does will get a discount on their next order of tree tubes!


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