Grow Tubes: The quantity you need, not the quantity we want to ship you

660.  350.  125.  40.

No, these aren’t the winning Powerball numbers.  These are the quantities of a few of the grow tube orders we have shipped already this week.

You see, we know that not every grapevine planter plants a round number of vines.  In fact, very few do.

So why should I force you to buy 100 grow tubes at a time?  Grow tubes are not exactly a difficult thing to count, and Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply is lucky to have a crack warehouse staff that not only can count, but are willing to count and package your shipment in whatever quantity you need.

Wilson OVS already has the best grow tube in the world, the classic side-opening corrugated grow tube that is the best selling design in the world.

We already have the best pricing you can find.

Now we save you even more money by not forcing you to buy a bunch of grow tubes you don’t need – unlike other companies who can’t – or won’t – do anything more than slap a shipping label on a pre-packaged bag of grow tubes.  Then again, it’s probably not nice to make fun of the numerically challenged!

So to order the world’s best grow tube – in any quantity you want – give us a call or shoot us an email today!

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