Grow Tubes: Best Prices In California!

Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply has the best prices on grow tubes for grapevines & grow tubes for pistachios in California!  How is this possible?  How can a Washington based company offer better pricing on high quality, twin-walled grow tubes than other distributors?

Wilson OVS has the best pricing on premium twin-walled, side opening grow tubes.

1. Volume – Wilson sells more grow tubes on the west coast than anyone.  Our volume gives us unmatched buying power.

2. Competitive pricing – We price to move volume, not to make a killing on each order.  Low pricing increases volume, and volume decreases costs… so we can offer lower pricing!

3. Efficient shipping – Freight is an increasing cost component of all sales these days.  We work hard to find the best deals on shipping, and pass the savings on to you.

So for California grape growers and pistachio growers:  Don’t buy your 2011 grow tubes until you get a quote from Wilson.  You’ll be glad you did!

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