Blueberry Netting Cut To Order

Our cut-to-order bird netting for blueberries is proving to be extremely popular with hobby growers small farms across the country!

Blueberry Netting Cut to Length

Wilson's Knitted Blueberry Netting

We offer two grades of blueberry netting for small growers:

Medium – 14 g/sqm, 3 to 5 season UV life

Heavy – 27 g/sqm, 7 to 10 season UV life

Both grades are 17ft wide, and we can cut them to any length you need.  As you can see from the photograph, this netting can be stretched in width or length… so if you need 20ft wide netting, no problem, you can just stretch it a little wider… for 14ft netting you can stretch it a little longer.

For a price quote, just contact Chris Siems with the dimensions you need to cover.  He’ll use all the geometry he learned in 8th grade but didn’t think he’d ever use to determine the equivalent amount of cut-to-length blueberry netting you need and will quote delivered pricing.

It will cost less than you think… which is probably why it’s becoming so popular!

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