Bird Netting For Blueberries – Great system for the backyard grower

This morning I received these photos from a customer who used our blueberry netting to protect bushes in a small backyard blueberry patch.  Note the use of PVC pipes with caps to suspend the netting above the bushes.  She connected two pieces of netting with twine, leaving openings (held shut by the red clips) to allow access under the netting.

How cool is that?

Wilson Blueberry Netting using PVC pipe to suspend the netting over the blueberry bushes

Bird Netting For Blueberries - Removable clips seal a "doorway" that allows access to the blueberries for picking.

On the same day this customer was applying this bird netting for blueberries another Wilson customer on the west coast was protecting 38 acres of blueberries with our bird netting.  It just goes to show no project is too big or too small for Wilson!

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