Vineyard Netting: The Time To Order Is Now!

Depending on your location and the varieties you are growing, most likely your grapes won’t start to ripen until at least late June and more likely August.  And it’s right when they start to ripen that those “flying refractometers” known as starlings, finches, robins and the like start to do their damage.

That would seem to leave plenty of time to order vineyard netting to protect your grapes from birds this season.

One thing most growers don’t know is that the manufacturing lead time for vineyard bird netting is at least a couple of months.  So while vineyard managers are busy with planting and other spring activities, we at Wilson OVS look into our crystal ball to predict bird netting orders for the coming season and place our orders with the factories.

By the time most vineyard owners place their vineyard netting orders, there’s no time for us to get any more made and get it here in time for the season.

That’s all a long way of saying:  Vineyard netting quantities are limited, so order early to reserve yours!  You don’t have to take delivery until you need it, but ordering now ensures that you’ll have the vineyard bird netting you need, when you need it.

For a price quote and to place your order (since we know once you hear our prices you’ll order from us), please contact us today!

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