Grow Tubes – Wilson Grow Tubes Drawing Rave Reviews

I just spoke to a pistachio grower in California who purchased a large number of grow tubes from Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply.  We’re both huge Minnesota Twins fans, so we’re a little disappointed with the slow start our squad is off to, but he’s very happy with the performance of his Wilson Grow Tubes!

The baseball season is long, with plenty of time for a slow-starting team to bounce back in get into the pennant race.

The same thing cannot be said about a growing season; if your pistachio trees or grapevines get off to a slow start, they never catch up.  You have to wait longer to field bud them, and you have to wait longer for your first crop.

There is another connection:  Grow tubes function admirably as baseball bats for office games of Nerf baseball.  (Not that I’ve ever been involved in any such games myself, but I’ve heard about them!)

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