Vineyard Netting: Tips For Success

One mistake a lot of vineyard managers make when using vineyard netting is applying it too early.  This gives the vines more time to send canes through the netting and wrap tendrils around it, making it more time consuming to remove, and resulting in more damage to the netting during removal.

To increase the life span of your vineyard bird netting, wait as long as possible before applying bird netting to your vineyard.  There are limits to this advice; I understand that you have X number of acres to cover and can only cover so many acres in a day, so you have to get started ahead of time to make sure you get it all done in time.  Better to have some tendrils grabbing the bird netting than to not get it out in time.

But a good rule of thumb is the longer you can wait before applying the netting, the better.  Luckily, Wilson Vineyard Netting is made from 100% virgin HDPE for strength, and is heavily protected from UV degradation for long life.

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