Vineyard Bird Netting from Wilson OVS

For almost 15 years Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply has been the leader in crop protection for the fruit growers of Washington and Oregon.  So it’s only logical that we make our products – and our expertise – available to growers in the rest of the USA.

When it comes to ease of use you can’t beat Wilson’s knitted vineyard netting.

  1. Comes in an easy-to-handle bag, not a heavy roll
  2. Applies easily from a tractor-mounted platform & boom – no need for expensive hydraulic equipment
  3. Soft, pliable knitted netting is easy on worker’s hands, and easy on your grapes

Bird netting is only sure way to provide complete 24/7 protection for your grapes.  And Wilson Vineyard Netting is the most economical way to net your valuable 2011 vintage.

A quick word of advice:  To reserve your netting for 2011 be sure to place your order early!  Quantities are limited and we always sell out.

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