Pioneer Gold Pistachio Rootstocks in Wilson Grow Tubes

Wilson Grow Tubes on Pioneer Gold Pistachio Root Stocks

For pistachio growers, we have found a winning combination to get new orchards off to fast healthy start:  Wilson Grow Tubes on Pioneer Gold pistachio root stocks.

No one knows more about producing quality pistachio root stocks than Pioneer – so naturally the folks that put some much into producing the best root stocks want the best protection for them in the field.  Which works out great for us, because no one knows more about grow tubes than Wilson!


1) Weed control is faster and easier with Wilson Grow Tubes shielding your root stocks from herbicide (in fact, in same cases Wilson Grow Tubes are the only thing that makes weed control possible; in many cases there’s no way to spray tall grasses next to newly planted root stocks without damaging the trees).

2) High survival rates – which means costly & time consuming replants are kept to an absolute minimum.

3) Faster growth & balanced growth – so root stocks are ready for field budding sooner.

For more info about using Wilson Grow Tubes on nut and fruit trees, please contact us today!


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