Grow Tubes – Why Twin Walled?

I am often asked, what are the advantages of twin walled (corrugated) grow tubes, as compared to a single walled design?  The advantages are both structural and botanical.

Structurally twin walled construction simply give you more strength and rigidity with less raw material – the same thinking that lead to the development of the corrugated box.   If a twin walled grow tube costs more than a single wall tube of equal rigidity and strength it’s not because the corrugated grow tube cost more to make, it’s because your supply is charging too much!

The other – and more important – advantage of twin walled grow tubes is growth.  Twin walled tubes diffuse the light passing through so that instead of striking the leaves from one angle light now strikes the leaves from many different angles.  And since photo receptors are arrayed on leaves at many different orientations in order to absorb sunlight at various times of the day, diffusing the light means that more photo receptors are absorbing light – and converting it into energy – at any given moment in the day.

It’s the difference between the “stream” and “spray” settings on your bottle of Windex. The single wall tube is like turning the setting for sunlight to “stream” and the twin walled grow tube is like turning the setting to “spray” and covering a greater area with that same drop of liquid – or sunlight.

If you have any questions about using grow tubes on your grapevines, please contact Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply for the best pricing and information around!

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