Grow Tubes for Pistachio Root Stocks

Wilson Grow Tube on pistachio root stock

Wilson Grow Tubes on pistachios near Buttonwillow, CA

Welcome to, your new home for the best prices on Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply grow tubes, bird netting and bee netting!

Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply has been the leading supplier to vineyards and orchards in Washington for nearly 15 years.  Now we’re making our best selling products available in California and across the rest of the USA.

Pistachio growers in California are already discovering Wilson Grow Tubes – on a big scale!  Wilson’s Grow Tubes have all the features pistachio growers have come to demand in a grow tube:

  1. Twin walled for rigidity and light diffusion
  2. UV stabilized for long life – can be reused several times
  3. Side opening design for easy removal and compact storage
  4. Tested and proven light transmission qualities for optimal growth

The big difference between grow tubes from Wilson OVS and the other guys?  Price.

Wilson is the largest buyer of grow tubes on the west coast, and we sell grower direct.  Buying power and no middle man mark-ups.  We pass the savings on to you.

Why do pistachio growers use grow tubes on their newly planted root stocks?

  1. High survival rates – near perfect survival keeps expensive and time consuming replants to an absolute minimum
  2. Rapid growth – so you can field bud your trees sooner and shave a year or two off the time until your first crop
  3. Herbicide protection – Wilson Grow Tubes shield your trees from herbicide spray, making weed control fast, easy and effective.

Of course Wilson OVS is also the leader in Grow Tubes for new vineyard plantings as well.  Visit Wilson OVS often for news, updates, tips and videos on how to use our grow tubes to get your valuable crop off to a fast, healthy start!

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