Bee netting season is here

When is a seedless mandarin orange or clementine not seedless?  When it is pollinated by bees bearing pollen from other citrus trees.

When does a seedless mandarin or clementine stay seedless?  When it is safely covered by Wilson Bee Netting to keep bees at bay to prevent cross pollination, and to make sure the clementines are self-pollinated.

As we speak miles & miles of bee netting are being applied pre-blossom to the seedless mandarin and clementine trees of California’s Central Valley and in Texas.  A big – and growing – portion of the that bee netting is being supplied by Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply.

We offer a range of widths & lengths to fit your exact needs and cover your trees in the most economical way.

Unfortunately, we’re entirely sold out for the 2011 bloom season, but it’s never too early to start planning ahead for next year.  Make plans to contact Wilson Orchard & Vineyard Supply this summer and to order your 2012 bee netting this fall for the best pricing!

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